It’s Important to pay close attention when you discover even small amounts of mold in your home. Often times what you see on the surface is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This post does a great job of illustrating that fact.

A relatively small amount of mold was identified during a routine mold inspection in a Lincoln Nebraska residence.  However, during the initial remediation process, it quickly became evident that there was a much more serious water damage and mold event taking place. The mold on the backside of the drywall is fairly common and is usually worse than what was observed on the painted side of the wall.  So far this is a pretty typical residential mold remediation project.  But as you’ll see, with mold, the true extent of the contamination is often much greater than anticipated.

As the mold remediation continued, more and more mold was lurking within the framed wall cavity. Now this is a dramatic example of how mold can be growing within your walls but it’s very plausible when you have chronic water intrusion.  DryHero has the training and experience to help identify water intrusion and mold growth within your home.  For a FREE on-site inspection of your home just dial 402-438-2379 to schedule your appointment.

Mold discovered during inspection

Light mold growth found behind base trim. Photo by DryHero.


FR South Demo 1

Example of how mold growth appears on back side of sheetrock. Photo by DryHero.


FR South Demo 4

Major mold growth discovered deeper within the wall framing.