From the Owner of DryHero…

“Before anything else, our business is about family, both yours and mine. It’s my firm belief that by serving your family with your property restoration needs, it will in turn allow me to support mine. There really is not better incentive to do the right thing for our clients.

It gives me tremendous satisfaction to know that we are helping people. That we can take a home that is devastated by water or mold, and return it back to a safe, pre-loss condition!”

– Ritch Paprocki

Ritch Paprocki


My career in the restoration industry started innocently enough in high school as a part-time fire/water technician with ServiceMaster. I continued to work in a fire/water/mold restoration production capacity into college. I can still remember the day the franchise owner asked me if I would ever consider buying the business from him. Me? Owner of my own fire/water restoration business? Perhaps he saw something in me back then because I sure didn’t. That was the last thing I wanted to do with my life. I was going to college! (Life lesson: Timing is everything)

After earning an Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, I spent two years with Peter Kiewit of Omaha working on heavy construction projects throughout the Midwest. A truly great construction and engineering company but it just wasn’t a fit. Then fate stepped in. Paul Davis Restoration offered me a position in Nebraska and I took it. I spent six years estimating and managing fire/water restoration projects before being promoted to General Manager. But after ten years of service with the franchise, I found myself out of a job when the business sold in 2004. (Life lesson: Always have a Plan B)

As anyone who’s lost their job knows, it often comes without warning and is stressful on a family. My amazing wife, Jodie, had just quit her teaching job to stay at home and raise our first daughter and any plans we had were temporarily dashed. The next six months were spent soul searching, praying and learning a lot about ourselves.

(Life lesson: Perspective changes everything. The great thing about time is that its passage provides you perspective. Looking back now, it was just another one of life’s many “bumps in the road”. However, when you’re living it in “real time”, you can fell like your hair is on fire!)

In the end, my heart was in the restoration industry. DryHero was created completely from scratch. No franchises, no bank loans. We did it “old school” and invested in the buseinss as we were able to.

We are still a small business by any standard but we have many devoted clients and try to do what is in their best interest, not ours. A simple formula that’s so basic but shickingly rare in today’s pre-packaged, chain store, focus group tested business environment. Protect the client and business will take care of itself.

– Ritch Paprocki