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We field numerous phone calls from Nebraska homeowners about mold.  Many of these mold concerns are innocuous and we’re able to calm the client and assure them that they don’t have a mold issue.  However, there are also plenty of situations where there is a legitimate health concern due to mold in the home.  Do-it-yourself projects are popular these days but you really must exercise caution when it comes to mold.

DIY mold removal extends far beyond simply cleaning or tearing out the suspect contaminated materials.  Every time a material with mold growth is disturbed, a plume of invisible, extremely small mold spores are released into your air.  These spores are so small and light that they will remain aloft in the air for hours and even days.  The mold spores will drift and spread to wherever the air stream takes them.  These spores are smaller than your vacuum or furnace filter can remove, not to mention your body’s rather modest filtration system into your lungs.

The end result of DIY mold remediation could result in a much larger, more expensive and dangerous situation than if nothing would have been done at all.  Professional remediation protocols involve the use of critical barriers, negative air machines and HEPA air scrubbers to contain and remove the aerosol mold spores that we can’t see.  Even with proper training, equipment and experience, professional mold remediators don’t know if they were successful until after verification testing.  Give some careful thought to DIY mold remediation.  You can call DryHero for an onsite inspection and evaluation of your mold concerns.