When it comes to mold, it sometimes requires an experienced, trained eye to identify it.  Most people can tell you that a large black area of discoloration on their basement foundation wall is mold, and they would probably be correct.  However, mold can be almost any color and topical growth on a similarly colored background often goes undetected.  DryHero specializes in water damage and the consequential mold that grows as a result.

Being experts and drying and restoring water damaged buildings give us a unique insight into what building materials hold onto water the longest.  Those are the areas where you’ll often find mold contamination due to water intrusion or accidental discharge.  Since these areas are often obstructed, they can be difficult to identify without a little restoration and remediation experience.  Whether you’re buying a new house or just curious about your air quality, a thorough mold inspection is cheap insurance against larger issues.

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