Five common signs that you may have mold in your Nebraska home include 1) discoloration of building materials, 2) musty odors, 3) deformation of building materials, 4) prior water damage events and 5) water staining.

1) Discoloration of Building Materials

Discolored building materials can indicate prior or hidden mold growth. Visual evidence of mold contaminated building materials include color bleeding, oxidation of finish, dark spotting and mold staining colors (i.e., black, green, red, pink and yellow). Often times when we discover mold contamination during an inspection, we look for variations in the color of the material itself. We look for colors that don’t match the surrounding finishes.

mold on window sash

2) Musty Odors

Musty odors often are an indication of water intrusion and subsequent mold or bacterial growth. Earthy, stagnant or sulfur-type odors can all indicate microbial growth.  If you can compartmentalize the suspect mold odor by closing doors, it often makes location of the mold odor source easier.

CAUTION: Odors can be subjective and don’t always indicate a water damage or mold problem. Odors can sometimes be caused by a bio-layer of organic material that is supporting other microbial life, like bacteria.

3) Deformed Building Materials

Deformed building materials or materials that are swollen can be the result of chronic water intrusion, water damage and resulting mold growth. Many building materials will swell, twist, cup, blister and bubble when exposed to chronic water intrusion and subsequent mold growth. Looking for variations in materials like finish carpentry, case goods or drywall can be a great indicator of water damage and mold.

Building materials that are soft or spongy can also indicate a problem.  Over time, moisture supported microbial amplification can result in decay of the material via wet rot or dry rot, just to name a few.  When trying to locate mold in your Nebraska home, it’s important to evaluate the structural integrity of all accessible building materials.

water damaged wood base trim

4) Prior Water Damage Events

Whenever a property sustains water damage, the potential for mold growth increases. It’s important to closely evaluate the integrity of the previously moisture impacted materials.  Water intrusion from groundwater, for instance, is one of the most problematic because it is often a chronic problem.  Over time, these repeated wetting and drying cycles can really lend themselves to mold growth.  Flooding or water damage from isolated events (such as a burst pipe or washing machine overflow) are much more forgiving in terms of mold amplification.

5) Water Staining

Water staining requires special attention to determine if the water damage was serious enough to cause mold growth.  Water staining is a positive identifier of a past water problem.

Carpet Backing Mildew

If you would like an assesment and inspection of your home, call DryHero in Lincoln at 402-438-2379 or in Omaha at 402-592-4376. Ss our schedule allows, DryHero provides FREE water damage restoration evaluations and estimates to Lincoln Nebraska and Omaha residents.

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