There are six important water damage considerations for Lincoln and Omaha homeowners. They include:

Water Damage Service Lincoln Nebraska

1.     How significant is the damage?

The more water damage to your home, the more likely you’ll need the services of a professional water damage restoration company.  Anything greater than 75-100 square feet of wet carpet, flooring or walls, and you’ll have a hard time drying materials out quickly enough to avoid structural damage or even mold growth.

2.     What types of materials are affected?

Porous materials like carpet and pad are the easiest to dry.  However, drywall, framing, cabinetry and wood flooring are dense and will hold onto moisture for days, weeks and even months.  As a result, those materials pose the greatest threat of mold growth and structural damage.

3.     How long has it been wet?

The longer materials have been wet, the greater potential for microbial growth.  As a result, it’s important to respond quickly to preserve, protect and stabilize the impacted building materials.

4.     Should you hire a restoration professional?

This is a difficult question but the truth is that finances often dictate the outcome.  If you have insurance coverage then you’ll want to determine the financial cost of restoring the water damage BEFORE you place a call to your insurance agent.

5.     Should you file an insurance claim?

The first question is whether or not the claim is even covered.  Ground water or water originating from “over ground” is hardly ever covered.  Sump pump malfunctions are often covered but only if you have the optional endorsement or rider adding the coverage.  If the the cost to repair the water damage barely exceeds your deductible, you may want to keep your powder dry for a future, more significant property claim.

6.     How much will it cost?

In the event of a covered insurance claim, your financial exposure may be limited to your deductible.  However, with larger deductibles and more Nebraska home owners trying to keep their claims history clean, you may want to consider quickly getting competitive bids from water restoration companies and selecting the most qualified company.

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