Not every mold remediation project requires a professional. There are plenty of situations where the complexity ad scalebof the mold contamination can be taken care of by the homeowner. This page is intended to give Nebraska homeowners the basic guidelines to help remediate their own mold.

  1. Evaluate the amount of mold. If there is less than a few square feet of mold, you likely can tackle the project yourself.
  2. Contain the contaminated area from the rest of your home’s living area. This should reduce the spread of mold spores to other parts of your home.
  3. Consider using a minimum of an N-95 rated disposable respirator for the work.
  4. Slowly and deliberately damp wipe any visible surface mold.
  5. Evaluate the need to remove materials to investigate for hidden or concealed mold growth. This is highly recommended for drywall, base trim and below grade (basement) surfaces. Materials should be slowly and surgically removed, trying to stir up free mold spores. Repeat Step 4 if additional mold contamination is discovered.
  6. Determine how the contaminated materials are getting wet and correct the source.
  7. Damp wipe the entire work area, even where there was no visible mold contamination.

The use of negative air machines, HEPA air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums would further facilitate the mold remediation and are available for rent.


If you would like an assessment and inspection for mold in your home, call DryHero in Lincoln at 402-438-2379 or in Omaha at 402-592-4376. As our schedule allows, DryHero provides FREE mold evaluations and estimates to Lincoln Nebraska and Omaha residents.

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