Before attempting your own, do-it-yourself mold remediation, take a step back and consider whether or not it’s good idea. While some people can over-complicate the mold remediation process, others can make the mistake of over-simplifying it. Seriously consider your ability to properly remedy the problem without causing more harm than good.

Mold on Ceiling DryHero Lincoln Nebraska

Probably the biggest mistake do-it-yourselfers in Nebraska make when performing their own mold remediation is to over-simply the process.  Mold remediation is not simply the removal of the contaminated materials.  Yes, you do need to remove mold contaminated materials BUT, you have to remove them without contaminating the rest of your home or business.  Any time you disturb or remove mold contaminated building materials, you aerosolize a tremendous amount of extremely small mold spores that will remain aloft for days and even weeks.

Use of engineering controls such as negative air machines, HEPA air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, biocides, fungicides, manometers, containment chambers, decontamination chambers, duct cleaning equipment, etc. are the ONLY way to safely remove mold without spreading the contamination.  This is where mold remediation often goes wrong.  Even professional mold remediation contractors can fail this test.  So, what are the odds of someone without the proper training, equipment and experience properly removing their own mold contamination?  It simply is not possible.

Another failure of the do-it-yourselfer is clearance testing or post remediation verification testing.  The professional mold remediators know that you cannot see aerosolized or settled mold spores. We have to mold test the air and work surfaces to verify that we have been successful.  It’s not uncommon to discover that you’re not done cleaning yet, even with the jobsite appears spotless.

Our best recommendation to proceed with caution because an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure when it comes to mold remediation.  Sure, you may save money on the removal of materials but end up costing yourself many times the cost of professional remediation by having to decontaminate your entire house.

It is possible to clean up small areas of mold contamination without a professional.  Just remember to use caution and common sense.

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