Regardless of the degree of water damage, the basic principals required to dry and restore a flooded home are the same. Removing unsalvageable materials, removing excess water, dehumidification, air flow and envinronmental controls are used on every water damage restoration project.


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Professional restorers focus a lot of attention to water removal because it can often determine the success of the drying project.  Since the objective of water damage restoration is to remove the excess water or moisture from the structure, it follows that the less water you have to evaporate, the faster the structure will dry.

DryHero uses specialized carpet extractors that allow us to leave in and dry water damage carpet and pad.  This can greatly reduce the total restoration time of your project as well as save you about $1.50 per square foot in hard costs.

If you are trying to dry out your flooded basement on your own, we recommend that you remove and dispose of the carpet pad and then aggressively vacuum the remaining water from the floor and carpet.


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Dry air encourages evaporation of the moisture that is trapped in your home’s structural materials.  The drier the air, the more quickly the materials can be returned to their normal moisture condition.  Without commercial or professional grade dehumidifiers, it’s going to be difficult to dry your water damaged home or business.

A general rule of thumb is that you will need approximately one pint of dehumidification for every three to four square feet of wet flooring.  In other words, a large 70 pint residential dehumidifier will be able to process about 245 square feet of a flooded structure.   A 1,500 square foot basement will need about seven 70 pint dehumidifiers to have a chance at drying things out.



Professional water damage restorers will use a 2,000 CFM air mover (blower) for every ten to sixteen (10 – 16 lf) lineal feet of wet wall.  So a small 12 x 12 bedroom would require four air movers!  An average 1,500 square foot basement in Lincoln Nebraska may require as many as twenty four high velocity air movers.

As you can see, drying out a water damaged basement isn’t terribly complicated but if you have a large area that’s impacted, you will need a considerable amount of drying equipment in order to save the carpet, pad, base trim and sheetrock.  Under 200 square feet, you may be able to mitigate your own water damage.   Anything more than that and you may want to consider the services of a professional water damage restoration company.

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