Molds are microscopic organisms known as fungi and may be found indoors and outdoors. They are part of the natural environment and are not plants or animals. Molds use enzymes break down and digest organic material from dead plants and animals.

Molds require the following to grow:

1)   Organic food source

2)   Mild temperatures

3)   Time

4)   Mold spores

5)   Moisture

Example of mold growing on bottom of floor joist.

Example of mold growing on bottom of floor joist.

As you can see, everything mold needs to grow exists almost everywhere, both indoors and out.  In our homes, the easiest and most effective way to control mold growth is to deprive it of moisture.  When the above conditions are met, molds can attack building materials such as drywall, fiberboard, carpet, paper products, wood and even household dust. Once mold is established in your home, mold can spread and eventually destroy building components.


Molds use microscopic spores to reproduce and amplify.  When these spores become airborne, they become suspended in the air for long periods of time and are difficult for our respiratory systems to filter out.

When inhaled mold can cause the following:

–   runny nose and sinus problems

–   coughing, wheezing and sinusitis

–   skin rashes

–   certain immune responses after long-term exposure

Some mold species are capable of producing toxins. Mold sensitivity varies from person to person and according to the concentration of mold exposure.  The elderly, young children and people with compromised immune systems are most at risk to mold exposure.  However, even healthy people can react to mold exposure.


Mold prevention is actually very simple.  Keep your home clean and dry.  If you discover water damage or wet materials, it’s important to quickly begin water damage restoration procedures.


Everything mold needs to grow is in your house so the odds of finding mold contamination is plausible.  If you’ve had water damage, water intrusion, foundation leaks, plumbing leaks or other types of water exposure, the risk of mold contamination increases.  When in doubt, give DryHero a call at 402-438-2379 to schedule an inspection.


For most people, mold testing isn’t necessary.  However, if you’re experiencing health issues, have suffered water damage or if you don’t  know the prior history of you home, mold testing may be advisable.  Click here for more information on mold testing.

If you would like an assesment and inspection of your home, call DryHero in Lincoln at 402-438-2379 or in Omaha at 402-592-4376. Ss our schedule allows, DryHero provides FREE water damage restoration evaluations and estimates to Lincoln, Nebraska and Omaha residents.

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