Since mold can grow on wet building materials, it’s important to look for areas of your home where water intrusion and
moisture can be present.
The first place to start with looking for water intrusion is the plumbing system. Inspect and verify that plumbing fixtures
are properly maintained and not leaking. The areas around these fixtures should also be inspected for signs of water
staining, water damage and subsequent mold growth. A slow water drip or leak over an extended period of time can
result in significant water damage and mold.
Inspecting the fit and finish of building materials can also reveal water damage or hidden mold growth. Look for finish
carpentry that is warping, cupping or otherwise visually different than the surrounding materials. In addition stained and
discolored materials can be another clue that something bad may be lying beneath the surface.
Stale and musty odors are another symptom of possible water intrusion and can be an indication of mold. Stale odors
should be thoroughly investigated to identify their source.

When water damaged materials are discovered, an effort should be made.


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