Mold prevention in Nebraska can be pretty simple if you follow a few basic principals. Everything mold needs to grow is already in your home! You have 1) the mold spores, 2) plenty of food, 3) great temperatures, 4) time and sometimes 5) moisture. For mold to grow indoors in Nebraska, you need the last component above: moisture. Generally speaking, the threshold for mold growth in building materials is about 16% moisture content. Since the “normal” moisture content of interior building materials in Nebraska is closer to 10%, mold shouldn’t be an issue. To prevent mold, all you have to do is make sure the materials in your home stay dry. In Nebraska, this means:

  • Keep your gutters clean and in working order
  • Maintain positive grade away from your home’s foundation
  • Maintain your roof and siding
  • Run a dehumidifier in the summer
  • Don’t use vapor barriers on below-grade exterior walls
  • Make sure your plumbing systems functions properly
  • Maintain your plumbing fixtures and inspect for leaks
  • Maintain the relative humidity in your home below 45%
  • Ensure your sump pump is operable
  • Don’t ignore problems…if things do get wet, dry them out as quickly as possible

Basement Mold Lincoln Nebraska DryHeroOne of the most common places to find hidden mold growth in Nebraska is in your basement. Water or even water vapor often finds its way into these below grade rooms and goes undetected.  When this is a chronic condition, you will eventually experience mold growth somewhere in proximity to this water intrusion.


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