The ability to quickly remove significant amounts of water vapor from your water damaged home will affect how quickly it dries. The faster it dries, the less potential there is for bacteria and mold growth. When selecting your restoration company, ask them what kind of dehumidifiers they use and how they determine how much dehumidification is necessary to dry your home.

The most efficient type of dehumidifier available for water damage restoration today is the Low Grain Refrigerant, or LGR dehumidifier.  They are designed to remove significant amounts of water and are also energy efficient.  If the water damage restoration company you’re considering does not use LGR dehumidifiers, you may want to keep looking.  Any serious restoration company in the state of Nebraska will be using LGR’s exclusively.

At DryHero, we also offer desiccant dehumidifiers for specialty drying situations where very dense structural materials are wet (such as oak flooring or plaster walls/ceilings) or where ambient air temperatures are not high enough for LGR dehumidifiers to function well.

There are calculations to determine how much dehumidification your water damaged home would require to promptly dry it out.  However, a general rule of thumb would be one 200+ pint refrigerant dehumidifier for every 700 square feet of wet carpet or flooring.

In the unfortunate event that your home is water damaged and you require emergency water damage restoration service, call DryHero in Lincoln at 402-438-2379 or in Omaha at 402-592-4376.

As our schedule allows, DryHero provides FREE water damage restoration evaluations and estimates to Lincoln Nebraska and Omaha residents. Just call 402-438-2379 in Lincoln or 402-592-4376 in Omaha. If you think you have water damage, call now!

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