Mold can grow on many Nebraska building materials including wood, paper, carpet, drywall and insulation. Because
mold eats what it’s growing on, it can damage a structure and its contents. If left unchecked it will eventually cause
structural damage to building materials.
Lincoln Nebraska homes are built in environments with broad temperature and environmental swings. This makes these
homes susceptible to mold growth that is unique to Nebraska. Unfortunately, the mold spores are already in your home!
It‘s true. Mold spores exist in your household dust. Fortunately, it’s perfectly normal!
Nebraska homes also provide the ideal food sources and temperatures for mold. Cellulose based materials are the
preferred food source for mold and our homes are loaded with them. Drywall, finish carpentry, cabinetry and even
flooring are all food sources for mold.
The only variable that we can control is moisture! Moisture content is the driver for mold growth in Nebraska homes. If
you have water intrusion, chronic water damage or leaks in your home, you will eventually have mold growth. If you can
keep your home clean and dry (below 14% moisture content), mold will not grow. It‘s that simple!
Nebraska homes are prone to mold growth in some very common areas. Most common areas for mold growth are 1)
plumbing fixtures, 2) roof and attic leaks, 3) basement foundation walls and 4) basement mechanical rooms.
If you would like an assessment and inspection for mold in your home, call DryHero in Lincoln at 402-438-2379 or in
Omaha at 402-592-4376. As our schedule allows, DryHero provides FREE mold evaluations and estimates to Lincoln
Nebraska and Omaha residents.
Mold remediation

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