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A Florida woman discovered she had mold in her breast implants after having them removed.  The woman, who was a picture of health, suddenly started gaining weight, losing her vision and experiencing burning, unrelenting pain. She had sores all over her body. Her thinking was so cloudy she thought she might have Alzheimer’s. She was misdiagnosed with everything from lupus to arthritis to thyroid problems.

Dr. Kolb, author of “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants” says she’s seeing a lot of women with mold in their saline implants, often from defective valves. The doctor is not anti-implants, she has them herself. But she believes for safety, women need to get their implants replaced every eight to fifteen years.

Video Link: http://www.weartv.com//news/features/top-stories/stories/local-woman-warns-dangers-breast-implants-62588.shtml#.Vl9OM3arTRZ

Link to whole story: http://fox42kptm.com/news/offbeat/florida-woman-finds-mold-in-breast-implants-says-they-almost-killed-her