At DryHero, we have seen thousands of wet basements in Nebraska Homes.  That gives us a unique perspective on the causes of flooded basements that many basement water proofing contractors may not appreciate.  There a lot of reputable basement water proofing contractors in Nebraska but sometimes too much emphasis is placed on products and sales instead of simply correcting the source of the water.

Basement Water Proofing Lincoln Nebraska Although it’s true that drain tile is the only solution for some basements prone to flooding, it’s been our experience that much of the time it only treats the symptoms.  In addition, it’s also the most expensive route for most Nebraska home owners to take.  So, is it any coincidence that it’s the product being recommended by so many basement waterproofing companies?

From a strict engineering perspective, treating the source of the groundwater problem often is a cost effective and, more importantly, an effective solution.  To simply capture the groundwater after it’s already made it to your footings and foundation walls seems a bit like putting the cart before the horse.  Furthermore, what happens with the sump pump system fails or electricity is interrupted?  Unfortunately it may mean a call to DryHero to dry and restore your newly flooded basement.

The rainwater captured by your roof must be properly discharged in order to avoid a flooded basement.  It would boggle your mind to learn how much water your roof collects during a heavy rain.  Often it’s in the thousands of gallons!  If you simply dump all that rainwater discharge a few feet from your foundation, it’s only a matter of time before you experience water intrusion.

Most basements that are prone to groundwater flooding typically only experience it a handful of times.  Other basements may have water intrusion after every heavy rain.  The good news is that out of the thousands of gallons of water being discharged from your gutters and downspouts, only a small percentage of that actually makes it in through your foundation walls.  That may sound bad but it demonstrates how close an actual solution can be.  You just have to manage the hydraulic load of the soil around your home!

While we don’t claim that we can fix every basement flooding issue with rainwater management, we can on the majority of them and for far less than installing drain tile!  Every basement, yard and discharge characteristics are different so feel free to contact DryHero at 402-438-2379 for a FREE, no pressure assessment of your basement waterproofing challenge!