Professional-Grade dehumidifiers delivered right to your door anywhere in eastern Nebraska! At DryHero, we have a large inventory of professional grade, commercial dehumidifiers for commercial and residential water damage and dehumidification projects. These are the water damage restoration industry’s best dehumidifiers, capable of removing massive amounts of water from the air and surrounding materials. Not sure what you need? Call 402-Get-2-Dry (438-2376) now for a free evaluation of your dehumidifier rental needs.


Most of our clients choose DryHero‘s full-service option when it comes to drying out their water damaged home or business. However, some of our customers prefer a more hands-on approach to their dehumidification needs. For those do-it-yourselfers, DryHero offers CGR (commercial grade refrigerant), LGR (low grain refrigerant) and desiccant dehumidifier rentals with Free delivery right to your door.

These are state-of-the-art, professional grade dehumidifiers that you won’t find in home improvement (i.e., Lowes or Home Depot) or contractor rental stores. Not only do rental stores no carry these high end dehumidifiers, most “professional” water damage restoration contractors are still using plastic models. Worse yet, if you ask to rent the plastic dehumidifiers from other water damage restoration companies, you’ll probably get a flat “No” in response. Not at DryHero! We will do what’s best for you…no pressure!

These are the same “big-time” commercial dehumidifiers we use on our own water damage restoration business to quickly dry flooded buildings. Top-of-the line, super capacity, stainless steel, American made dehumidifiers able to gulp gallons of water per day from your water damaged home or business, resulting in less water damage, improved air quality and fewer water related “entanglements” in the future.

Perhaps best of all, you’re able to rent better quality dehumidifiers for less!


In Lincoln Nebraska Call (402) 438-2379
In Omaha Nebraska Call (402) 592-4376
Call Toll Free 888-DRY-HERO (888-379-4376)


Nobody else in Nebraska offers FREE delivery of dehumidifiers. Don’t worry about setup of your dehumidifiers, we’ll do that for you, for FREE! We also rent air movers, fans, blowers and air scrubbers, all professional grade water damage restoration equipment. We can even professionally calculate and size the amount of dehumidification you’ll need to quickly dry your project.

Need help in determining if your structure is still wet? We have access to the largest inventory of water damage moisture meters, thermal infra-red cameras and water detection instrumentation in Nebraska. If you have wet flooring, insulation, walls or ceilings, we can help you locate it and advise you on how to dry it and minimize the potential for mold growth!

If you have a flood or water damage in Lincoln or Omaha Nebraska, your best defense against mold growth and odor is super dry air. Our dehumidifiers and fans are engineered to dry flooded and water damaged basements, office buildings, crawlspaces, schools, commercial properties, etc. These dehumidifiers are designed to dry water damaged building materials such as wet and flooded carpet, carpet pad, carpet cushion, framing, drywall, plaster, trim carpentry, oak flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate floors and concrete. They’ll even dry the insulation in your walls! If you have wet personal property, dehumidification can help dry flooded documents, furniture, clothing, beds, chairs, cabinetry and virtually anything that can absorb water.

Commercial Grade Refrigerant (CGR) Dehumidifiers

Electric refrigerant dehumidification works by passing air over refrigerated coils to condense water vapor. Often at Use for mold removal, mold testing, mold remediation or water damage restoration lincoln nebraska! temperatures, refrigerant dehumidification capacity falls off before ideal moisture levels are reached. There are two types of refrigerant dehumidifiers, standard and conventional. The only difference between the two is that a conventional refrigerant dehumidifier uses a heat pipe or defrost cycle to defer frost from forming on the coils.

CGR dehumidifiers are designed to be moved from job to job in and out of service vehicles. The coil and compressors used are larger than residential units that are only designed for light humidity problems. CGR dehumidifiers are calibrated and designed for high moisture rich environments like flooded structures. CGR’s also use Use for mold removal, mold testing, mold remediation or water damage restoration lincoln nebraska! defrost controls to maximize performance.

Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifeirs

Professional Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers have a tremendous advantage over traditional or conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers. LGR dehumidifiers are the most expensive to manufacture and are designed for drying flooded structures whereas traditional dehumidifiers are primarily designed for humidity control. The only refrigerant dehumidifiers we will use are LGRs. A single commercial LGR dehumidifier will remove as much as twelve times more moisture from the air than a residential dehumidifier. That’s pretty important when you have wet building materials.

In addition, the process (conditioned output) air from an LGR dehumidifier is much drier air than traditional models. Therefore, the process air may contain as little as half as much moisture as that of a traditional dehumidifier. That’s also noteworthy because the drier the air, the faster wet materials dry out. LGR dehumidifiers are the workhorses of our structure drying efforts.

Desiccant Dehumidifeirs

Desiccant (often misspelled dessicant) dehumidifiers work on an entirely different principle than refrigerant dehumidifiers. These specialized dehumidifiers use a highly absorbent silica “desiccant” to remove moisture from even the driest air. In fact, a desiccant dehumidifier will continue to remove water from the air long after even the best LGR dehumidifier has reached its design limitations.

As a result, desiccant dehumidifiers are utilized in situations where dense building materials are water damaged. Hardwood floors, concrete, plaster, crawlspaces, attics and many other difficult to dry materials can be dried with the proper application of desiccant dehumidification.


Our commercial jobsite dehumidifiers are rugged, yet mobile. These dehumidifiers will operate under extreme conditions and pull large amounts of moisture from the air. Dehumidification can save money in restoration and replacement costs, and costs of downtime and delayed production schedules. In high humidity cases, our largest 115 Volt dehumidifier removed almost 37 gallons of water in a 24-hour period! That’s real world performance for commercial applications and humidity control.

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