If you live in Lincoln Nebraska, your HVAC system works overtime to heat and cool your home.  The HVAC ductwork mixes the air within a building so duct cleaning cannot be ignored as an important component of any mold remediation protocol.  Proper HVAC and duct hygiene are essential for ensuring the best possible indoor air quality.

Ductwork naturally collects a lot of dust, debris and particulate matter. Dust in ductwork is normal and not by itself an immediate air quality concern.  However, if your home has sustained a significant water damage event or you have had visible mold growth, it may be prudent to inspect the HVAC air handler and duct system for mold.  The dust within your duct system is ripe with biological matter that easily supports mold growth under the right circumstances.

Example of mold growing on drywall ceiling directly under cold air return of ductwork.

Example of mold growing on drywall ceiling directly under cold air return of ductwork.


HVAC Mold Remediation

The design, installation, operation and maintenance of HVAC systems are important factors in controlling microorganism germination, growth, amplification and dissemination. In addition, mold growth from other causes can be carried to the interior of HVAC system components where it can accumulate and degrade system operation. When system operation is affected, this can result in poor environmental control that allows widespread condensation to form. This can lead to the spread of contamination by the system and increase the scope of the mold problem by dispersing contaminants throughout a building.

Ductwork with a non-porous internal surface (e.g., galvanized sheet metal) responds well to remediation. However, sections of internally lined ductwork, duct board or flexible ductwork that are Condition 3 cannot be successfully cleaned, and therefore such ducting with active mold growth should be removed and replaced.

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