Professional-Grade HEPA air scrubbers (HAS) and air filtration devices (AFD) delivered right to your door anywhere in eastern Nebraska! At DryHero, we have a large inventory of professional grade, commercial HEPA air scrubbers and air filtration devices for commercial and residential water damage projects. These are the water damage restoration industry’s best filtration devices, capable of scrubbing and cleaning massive amounts of air to improve the air quality of your home or business. Not sure what you need? Call 402-Get-2-Dry (438-2376) now for a free evaluation of your HEPA scrubber and air filtration device needs.


HEPA (highly efficient particulate air) air scrubbers are used whenever there are environmental or air quality concerns. Mold remediation projects require HEPA air scrubbers and negative air machines during the mold removal and cleaning process to minimize the potential of cross contamination to unaffected or uncontaminated portions of a water damaged structure. Our HEPA air scrubbers are routinely decontaminated and have the filters replaced after every project. We can also provide ducting and setup instructions and assistance for all of our HEPA scrubbers and negative air machines.

A HEPA air scrubber traps and blocks small particles from going back into the air. A certified HEPA filter is required and tested to trap particles as small as .3 microns with 99.97 % efficiency. 1 micron is 1/1,000,000 of a meter. A 0.3-micron particle is 300 times smaller than a human hair and 30 to 50 times smaller than the human eye can see.

Most of our clients choose the full-service option when it comes to mitigating their water damaged home or business. However, some of our customers prefer a more hands-on approach to their air scrubbing and filtration needs. For those do-it-yourselfers, DryHero offers professional grade certified HEPA air scrubbers and air filtration devices.

These are state-of-the-art, professional grade HEPA air scrubbers that you won’t find in home improvement (i.e., Lowes or Home Depot) or contractor rental stores. Not only do rental stores no carry these high end HEPA scrubbers, most “professional” water damage restoration and mold remediation contractors are still using plastic models. Worse yet, if you ask to rent drying fans from other water damage restoration companies, you’ll probably get a flat “No” in response. Not at DryHero! We will do what’s best for you and rent you whatever you need…no pressure!

These are the same state-of-the-art critical air filtration devices and HEPA air scrubbers we use on our own water damage restoration and mold remediation business to decontaminate buildings. Top-of-the line, super quiet, stainless steel, American made HEPA air scrubbers able to clean massive amounts of air in your home or business.

Perhaps best of all, you’re able to rent better quality HEPA air scrubbers for less cost than from any other equipment or contractor rental store. Delivered to your door and picked up…FOR FREE!


In Lincoln Nebraska Call (402) 438-2379

In Omaha Nebraska Call (402) 592-4376

Call Toll Free 888-DRY-HERO (888-379-4376)


Nobody else in Nebraska offers FREE delivery of HEPA air scrubbers. Don’t worry about setup of your air filtration devices, we’ll do that for you, for FREE! We also rent dehumidifiers and drying fans, all professional grade mold and water damage restoration equipment. When you rent from DryHero, we can even professionally calculate and size the amount of air flow you’ll need to clean your air.


Our HEPA air scrubbers are rugged, yet mobile. These air filtration devices will operate under extreme conditions and remove large amounts of aerosolized particulate from the air. The use of a HEPA air scrubber is recommended for all construction and remodeling jobs where dust is created. The air scrubber will continuously purify the air and provide a clean, healthy and productive environment.

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