Water Damage Restoration, Water Extraction, Emergency Flood Cleanup and Mold Remediation! Call Now 402-438-2379 for Service! Trust your mold or water damaged property to true local restoration experts.  Not a franchise, DryHero was born and based right here in Lincoln Nebraska.  A+ rating with the Nebraska Better Business Bureau. Servicing all of eastern Nebraska, including Lincoln & Omaha.

Emergency Water Removal

Emergency Water Removal Lincoln Nebraska DryHeroEmergency water removal and extraction is a crucial first step when your home has water damage. We use specialized water extractors to remove virtually all of the free water from your carpet and pad! Don’t pull up or remove your water damaged carpet until you’ve talked to us!

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Lincoln Nebraska DryHero 3Water damage restoration service is our business! We specialize in mitigating all types of flood and water damage to all types of building materials. If you have a flooded basement, crawl space, kitchen or bathroom, it’s important that you act quickly to minimize the water damage.

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Lincoln Nebraska DryHero 402-438-2379Mold happens! Protect your health and indoor air quality by professionally removing the mold contamination in your home. Nationally trained and certified, DryHero can remove the source of airborne mold in your home. The longer mold is allowed to grow, the more spores and mycotoxins it can release into your air.

Mold Testing

Mold Testing Lincoln Nebraska DryHeroMold testing is the best and most objective way to evaluate the mold levels within your home or business. Since mold spores are too small to see with the naked eye, relying strictly in visual evidence of mold contamination has limitations. Consider air testing for a true picture of the actual mold levels in your air.

Water Damaged Hardwood Floor Drying

Water Damaged Hardwood Floor Drying Lincoln Nebraska DryHero 2Water damaged hardwood flooring can be identified by cupping, warping, discoloration and flaking of the surface. Because of its density, wood floors are one of the most difficult materials to dry. Since they can also reach a “point of no return”, we urge you to have your water damaged wood floor moisture tested and evaluated flooring system.