Prompt emergency water removal and extraction is a crucial first step when your home has suffered water damage. DryHero uses specialized and powerful self-propelled water extractors to pull virtually all bulk water from your carpet AND pad! Don’t pull up your water damaged carpet until you’ve talked to us! In Lincoln Call 402-438-2379 or 1-888-DRY-HERO (1-888-379-4376) for live, free telephone support. 

emergency water removal lincoln nebraska

Because of DryHero‘s state-of-the-art water removal equipment, most of our flooded and water damaged projects are completely finished in just a matter of days!  Not just dry but back to the condition they were in prior to the flooding event. This is only possible with the use of our powerful flood water extractors.  Without these water removal machines, you simply could not evaporate the remaining water fast enough to prevent odors and even mold.  If you’re emergency water removal contractor is not using these water removal tools, they have no choice but to cut out the wet carpet pad.

Removal of excess water could include such simple steps as mopping or soaking up excess water from hard surfaces or furnishings. It could also be pumping standing water from crawlspaces or basements. However, the most valuable form of water removal is via powerful vacuum to remove water from carpet and pad. DryHero uses the most powerful water extraction system on the market and that translates into more successful emergency drying projects. On most of our drying and restoration projects it is NOT necessary to remove the wet carpet or even the wet pad because it is easily dried in place! There is no faster or more cost effective way to restore a water damaged home.

Shockingly, very few “professional” restoration companies invest in the training and state-of-the-art water removal equipment to extract massive amounts of water from your flood damaged home. That’s pretty important because the more water you can physically remove at the beginning of your water damage mitigation project, the faster your home will dry out because it is at least 1,200 times easier to physically remove water than it is to evaporate it via dehumidification. Correspondingly, the faster your structure will dry and the less water damage you’ll sustain.

When it comes to wet carpet, the more water left behind in carpet after the extraction process, the more potential for odors, staining and even bacteria and mold growth. The water removal process actually removes a tremendous amount of organic contaminants from wet building materials. Remove more water removed the more organic particulate (i.e., skin cells, pet dander, insects, pollen, yeast, mold spores, bacteria, soil, etc.) removed.

You simply can’t quickly remove enough water via evaporation to effectively avoid bacteria, PH and soil wicking problems. Maximum water removal from wet carpet is so important that we actually recommend to Nebraska water damage do-it-yourselfers that they remove their wet pad/cushion and sometimes even their carpet if they don’t have access to professional de-flooding equipment. If you have a large amount of water damaged carpet in your home, either hire a professional with state-of-the-art water removal equipment or strongly consider removing the carpet pad/cushion.

Anatomy of a Flooded Basement

The majority of the water in a typical Omaha or Lincoln Nebraska flooded basement is in the carpet and pad. For example, a flooded basement with 1,200 square feet of carpet and pad has approximately 748 gallons of water trapped in it.

If you used a $60,000 commercial truck mounted carpet cleaning extractor and truck, you could remove as much as 563 gallons of water with a 2” vacuum hose and carpet cleaning wand. Great results, right? Wrong! Wrong because you’re leaving behind 185 gallons of water in the carpet and pad! Any idea how long it takes to evaporate 185 gallons of water?

Answer: You don’t want to know.

Our specialized flood extractors have the ability to remove 724 of those 748 gallons, leaving behind only 24 gallons of water in the carpet. How long with it take to evaporate that remaining 24 gallons of water? As little as two to three days with the right restoration and drying equipment. That’s why the initial water removal is so critical. You simply cannot evaporate 185 gallons fast enough to prevent odor, mold growth and structure damage.

Water Removal Services

In addition to extracting water from wet carpet, DryHero provides additional emergency water removal and deflooding services to Nebraska residents. In the rare event of a crawlspace or basement with several feet of water, we provide portable generators, large electric water pumps and powerful gas powered water pumps to safely and surgically remove flood
water from your home or business. Removing standing flood water from a basement or structure too quickly can actually damage a building’s foundation. Don’t risk damaging your basement, call DryHero!  402-438-2379 for 24 hour emergency service!

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