Mold Testing and Inspection

Mold Testing Lincoln Nebraska DryHero Mold testing and inspection is the best and most objective way for Lincoln property owners to evaluate the mold levels within their home or business. Since mold spores are too small to see with the naked eye, relying strictly in visual evidence of mold contamination has obvious limitations.

If you really want to know what’s in the air you’re breathing, air testing for mold is fast, objective and cost effective. Surface mold testing is another powerful tool for identifying elevated levels of settled mold spores.

Mold testing and inspection is the best and most objective way for Lincoln property owners to evaluate the mold levels within their home or business. Since mold spores are too small to see with the naked eye, relying strictly in visual evidence of mold contamination has obvious limitations. If you really want to know what’s in the air you’re breathing, air testing for mold is fast, objective and cost effective. Surface mold testing is another powerful tool for identifying elevated levels of settled mold spores.

As our schedule allows, DryHero provides FREE mold inspections to Lincoln Nebraska and Omaha residents. Just call 402-438-2379 in Lincoln or 402-592-4376 in Omaha.


The reality is, mold is normal…at least to some extent. Mold and mold spores are everywhere, naturally occurring in the Nebraska outdoor environment. Correspondingly, you will also find mold spores in every home and business in Nebraska. If you have dust, there are mold spores in that dust. Pretty normal. What is NOT normal is for that mold to be actively growing, colonizing and producing new mold spores. The only way for that to occur is with the introduction of moisture.


At DryHero, we try to take a very common sense approach to mold. There are plenty of opportunities for mold remediation companies to be alarmists. This can either be well-meaning or self serving on the part the mold remediator. Consumers can meet the mold remediator’s elevated concerns with skepticism or embrace it as validation of their own health concerns.

Generally speaking, if your home or business has not sustained water damage, it does not smell musty and does not have any signs of visual water damage or mold growth, your indoor aerosol mold levels are probably going to be very “normal”. However, for those individuals that want to know exactly how much mold is floating in their air, testing is the best option.

When it comes to new home buyers, a simple inspection and air test is cheap insurance against the potential expense of hidden or concealed mold contamination. Although the exception for Nebraska home sellers, some individuals and institutions fail to disclose prior water intrusion, water damage and/or mold problems. An aerosol mold test is indiscriminate.  Regardless of the mold source, it will measure the actual mold spores in the air. Valuable data for prospective home buyers.

Perhaps one of the smartest applications of mold testing is when a prospective home buyer notices recent remodeling of a basement.  If the seller discloses that the home had prior mold removed, every buyer should ask three simple questions:

1)  Who performed the mold removal/remediation?

2)  What were the mold remediator’s credentials (i.e., certifications, qualifications, etc.)?

3)  Did the mold remediator provide written results of their post remediation clearance testing?

This is important because anybody can remove mold contaminated building materials such as carpet, drywall and finish trim.  However, it’s extremely difficult to remove them without dispersing invisible, microscopic mold spores throughout the rest of the house. Professional mold remediators take great care to follow industry protocols and utilize specialized equipment and training to avoid cross contamination.  Even with all of their training, equipment and experience, even professional mold removal firms can fail a post remediation clearance test.  So the odds of a person without specialized training and equipment removing mold without contaminating other parts of the home or duct system is virtually impossible.  A simple mold test is a relatively quick and easy way for a Nebraska home buyer to protect themselves from hidden or concealed mold contamination.

DryHero provides a broad spectrum of mold testing services for Nebraska home owners concerned about the air quality.


It’s important for the consumer to understand that testing for mold in Nebraska can cover a broad spectrum of services and expenses. Even with the most robust testing services, not all mold will be or can be detected. Mold testing alone simply does not guarantee that you will identify hidden, concealed or trapped contamination. A thorough visual inspection as well as an accurate historical record of past water intrusion and water damage greatly increase the odds of locating mold contamination and its origin.

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